Shifting Your Expectation

November 18, 2019

Our family moved to Kitimat, British Columbia in July of 2019.  For 9 years, my husband worked out of town in Fort MacMurray on a FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) schedule and it was becoming exhausting for our family.  We were presented with an opportunity to relocate to Kitimat (hence the website name)  to give our family a fresh start under the same roof.  We were excited and nervous all at the same time.  

We knew it would come with challenges, but for me the biggest one was leaving my very fluent business in the hands of my very capable colleagues to be my eyes and ears on the ground in the Greater Edmonton Area (and yes, I’m still licensed out in Alberta) as I launched my skill set as a Realtor in a very new, unknown and very locally favoured market. 

The hardest thing for me to overcome (and I continue to do so on an on-going basis) is to launch a business in a brand new community where essentially I KNOW NO ONE.  How the hell does that work? 

When you first get your Realtor’s License basically you are trained to connect with your “sphere of influence” and let them all know you are now a Licensed Realtor and you would love to help them with all of your Real Estate Needs! Hooray! Let the phones start ringing and the paycheques be deposited! RIGHT? Not. At. All. 

I suppose there was this part of me that was naive to think my business would fluently transition from one province to the next but man, was I wrong.  What I know now is that I am upping my game every single day.  I’m the first agent at the office on any given day of the week working on two different coaching programs, a new license designation and of course my favourite-to-date initiative in Kitimat (more on that in another post)! 

I believe I am fortunate enough to have 5 years of Real Estate experience under my belt and a 10 month coaching program I did 3 years ago to that has served me well in terms of client care, client education and client service.  I have executed a referral based business where I essentially have not had to pick up my phone for new business in a very long time. I serve a select group of clients and hit home run service for them every step of the way.  My goal has always been to educate my clients through the Real Estate transaction no matter which step they are, become a trusted advisor through COACHING them on how to make the best decisions for them that they feel confident in.

The paperwork and deal flow will come (as the paperwork flow is very different between Alberta and British Columbia) but the client care is the same regardless of what market you are working in.  And that is something I take great pride in.  Funny too, that my Alberta clients know (obviously) that I am primarily in B.C. but I have new inquiries coming in – that must say something about the relationships I’m able to cultivate with my clients right? 😉 


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