You’ve Decided to Purchase a Home! How Exciting!

Buying a home is such an exciting time.  It doesn’t matter if your’e buying your first home, your next family home or next rental property to build your portfolio.  REALTOR®s often forget that “sale” is old english that derives from ‘sellan’ which actually means “to give”.  

In buying real estate, my experience has taught me is that we, as REALTOR®’s are meant to give so much more than just doing paperwork for our clients.  No matter what context we are helping our clients with, we are essentially giving them our time to answer their questions, our expertise on explaining possible pitfalls of the transaction, our empathy during the tough parts of the transaction. Real estate doesn’t have to be stressful but certain things can come up that do create stress we couldn’t have predicted. I’m here to hold your hand through those tight spots. 

For many agents, there is a “traditional sales process” that is followed.  In my experience in this industry, that may work for some, but a more authentic approach to selling has worked in creating my success.   

My approach delivers, creating value for my clients right on our first meeting, being authentic, constantly working towards building trust with my clients throughout the process, building networks of terrific professionals that support client transactions, following through on things I’ve said I would do (after all, if you’re not as good as your word, then what can you offer?) and then remain in contact with you after our transaction closes.  Answering your questions or giving you guidance on topics is NEVER an annoyance and our lines of communication should remain open long after our transaction closes.

Start your property search right here on our website. Need a more customized search? Send us a message on the CONTACT US page and we’ll get started putting together your PERSONALIZED HOME SEARCH and find out how my “Buyer ISO” strategy can get to work for you! Head over to www.comingsoonkitimat.ca for more information.

BC Real Estate Fun Fact: BC Real Estate operates under what is called “limited dual agency“. What this means is the agent representing the seller on their listing, CAN NOT represent the buyer on the same transaction. Make sure you have a trusted advisor in YOUR corner.