You’ve Decided It’s Time To Sell – But Now What?

Just like the art of buying, the art of selling is more than just selling Real Estate.  I have seen time and time again how agents treat homes for sale like the next big paycheque.  It’s more than that.  Selling your home is closing a chapter of your life, it’s saying goodbye to a childhood home, it’s selling your parents home that you grew up in, its selling equity to ensure your children’s success in post secondary education, it’s uprooting routines and familiarity to better your family.   If selling were easy, and robots could do it, we’d see many more automated companies in this industry.  

There’s a heart behind every sale and sometimes the sale of your home requires a bit of hand holding to get through to the process.  It’s the human emotion that helps us understand the fears, the hesitations and the ‘what-ifs’ of the process.  Helping people sell their homes is so much bigger than just putting a “for sale” sign up on the lawn and on our local Multiple Listing System, what I like to call “post and pray”.  It takes the right information explained so we can come up with the right price to attract the right buyers.  It’s knowing who is our target demographic is so we can be laser focussed on our marketing strategies to ensure the best results come of those strategies.  It’s about going through the home room by room to ensure we can showcase your property online through brilliant photography and marketed property tours.  It’s about capturing the essence of the home you’ve loved for so long and sharing it with others so they can see themselves building a life in that home.  It’s about taking the stress out of the process for you, so you feel looked after from start to finish.  

With me as your agent, I provide a comprehensive service package for ALL of my clients. Selling real estate is not a “one size fits all” service. Head over to www.comingsoonkitimat.ca for more information on my “Soft Launch Strategy” to see how it can work for you.

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